Hello I'm Alistair Ford

I have been taking photographs since 1998 but In 2006 I was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy which is a genetic eye disorder that affects the cones in the back of both eyes causing my eyes to be extremely sensitive to light and loss of central vision. I am now registered severely sight impaired (blind)

There are a lot of things I have had to give up doing because of my sight loss such as driving, going into buildings with bright lights and even going out on my own. But one thing I still enjoy doing is my photography. Although I had to sell my Digital SLR camera gear because I couldn’t see through the viewfinder anymore, I have found new ways to take photographs and videos and edit them using smartphones and tablets instead of cameras and computers. I have had smartphones by Sony, Huawei and Samsung.

I love to take travel photos and landscapes. A lot of my photos are taken when me and my wife go abroad to Greece and Spain where we like to hire a car and go out exploring.

I am looking forward to taking more travel photos with and sharing them online for the world to see.
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